Did You Know?

C M HaysDid you know that Charles Melville Hays was the president of the Grand Trunk Railway at its peak in 1912?

In 1907 Charles Melville Hays was given The Order of the Rising Sun, third class,  by the Emperor of Japan.  He formed the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (1903) and the Grand Trunk Pacific Development Company.  His ambition was to create a second transcontinental railroad across Canada, while developing communities along those future routes.

George Melville Hays died in 1912 aboard the Titanic.  The inability to see his plans for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway to fruition is said to be a major contributing factor to its insolvency in 1919.   His death also halted progress of  the Grand Trunk Railway routes throughout Southern New England.  George Melville Hays, railroad entrepreneur,  is buried at Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal.



Pate Chinois

Lewiston has an interesting history, colored with diverse ethnic groups.  Some of those groups were the Irish, the Lithuanians, the Italians and the French Canadians, just to name a few.  Each of those groups brought with them their traditional cuisines;  their own varieties of savory meat pies.   The Irish brought shepard’s pie or cottage pie, the Lithuanians contributed kotletai, the Italians introduced pizzachino and the Franco-Americans – pate chinois.  The Grand Trunk Cafe will be serving pate chinois.  Come in for a taste, and experience a bit of Lewiston’s history, when we open our doors!

Franco Center

St. Mary’s Church (The Franco Center) on Cedar Street in Lewiston,  was once a vital piece of our Franco-American community and was centered in the heart of “Little Canada”.  It’s history is closely aligned with that of the Grand Trunk Station, now Grand Trunk Cafe.  Louis Morin, Executive Director of the Franco Center, is striving to preserve, celebrate and renew interest Lewiston’s heritage by providing a myriad of fascinating events, well worth experiencing.  The Franco Center has generously offered to share photographs and traditional French music with The Grand Trunk Cafe.

Franco Center SignFranco Center 1

Head Chef Holly with the new Norlake

Last week there were several new additions to the Grand Trunk Cafe.  One of those addition is this spacious and multi-functional walk-in cooler.  The Norlake was purchased through C. Caprera and ideal for housing the fresh ingredients that will be featured on our menu.  Pictured with the Norlake is our Head Chef Holly, formerly of Holly’s Deli.

Holly with new walk-in   norlake


Grand Trunk Antique Bench Restoration

The Grand Trunk Café is planning on featuring a number of authentic pieces from the heyday of the Grand Trunk Railroad Station. One of these historical items is a wooden bench. After years of sitting neglected and collecting dust, this Grand Trunk bench is being brushed off and meticulously restored by Cathy of Morin’s Fine Furniture and Refinishing, 25 Beech St, Lewiston – 2o7-782-7511.